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Waihou Spring Trail after the fire

It’s been a minute, but the Waihou Spring Trail finally reopened this month. I wrote about the Lahaina fires a few times on this blog. Did you know that on that same day August 8, 2023 (and for weeks after) there were two fires ravaging Kula? Unfortunately the Waihou Spring Trail area up Olinda Road was also impacted and the trail has been closed since the fires. I had gone up to look in September 2023. At the time from the road it looked like the fire was a little below the trail, but it’s hard to tell from the road.

This morning a friend and I drove up to the trailhead. We were surprised to find fifteen or more cars parked there. As it turns out a local hiking group was heading on the same hike. Fortunately we were able to start ahead of them.

The Waihou Spring Trail is an easy 1-mile loop trail with an optional hike down into the gorge. Today the springs were completely dry.

How bad is the damage?

State workers have been cleaning up the forest and trail, but there is still a lot of wood to be hauled out of there. The trail is quite different from how it once was. We are amazed by the regrowth of the resilient forest. You will want sunscreen and a hat, the hike isn’t as shaded as it used to be. On the plus side, the trail now has an island view!

some of the clear-cut area

The gorge itself is relatively undamaged with some charring only near the top. Remember that the gorge portion can be really slippery if wet. Consider yourself warned.

We both enjoyed the walk. It was nice to revisit the memories we’ve each had with our families on this trail.

the gorge itself was untouched by the wind and fire damage

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