Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Saturday morning spinner dolphins!

Have you ever seen spinner dolphins? I have years ago while hiking at La Perousse. They are such fun to watch as they dance in the water.

I texted my walking pal at 6:15am this morning ~ want to walk? I am an early riser and prefer to walk first thing before it gets hot. Lucky for me she was expecting my text and we headed out the door 20 minutes later.

We went on a short hike in Makena this morning. I felt my calves and will tomorrow I’m sure. Today’s destination was that big cinder cone between Big and Little Beaches in Makena. The hike itself is called  Pu’u O’la’i Cinder Cone Trail. If you’re in Kihei now, you’ll know this side of the island is really dry and dusty. The odd keawe tree had a little green on it, but mainly we were just hiking in dirt. It’s quite steep uphill so make sure you are wearing shoes with good grip as we slip-slid a little coming down.

We’ve definitely been on prettier hikes, but…. the view at the top more than made up for it. Big Beach is to the left, we couldn’t see Little Beach from our vantage point, and then to the right was a black sand beach (One’uli Black Sand beach), Makena Resort etc. My friend was looking for whales (they’ve been seen around Maui again!) but instead we saw several pods of spinner dolphins. So cool.

view of Molokini from Pu'u Ola'i cinder cone

Swimming with Dolphins and other wildlife encounters

Please avoid interacting with and specifically touching all wildlife. This includes dolphins, coral (don’t step on the reef). I’m not sure about dolphins, but there are fines if reported getting to close to or touching turtles and monk seals which are endangered.

Big Beach and Little Beach?

Both beaches are quite the attraction. Big Beach has three entrances. A few years ago the State redid the parking lots and started charging for parking ($10/car) to help keep numbers in check. Even so, weekends can be a gong-show. Be careful at this beach, there is a wicked current and waves can catch you by surprise. Water-related incidents happen here all the time.

Little Beach is a clothing-optional beach. While it is illegal in Hawaii, I am told enforcement at this particular beach is lax. As I tell my kids, it’s generally not the young good-looking people who frequent clothing-optional beaches. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.