Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Enjoying the lull in tourism

Ever since the August fires there has been a bit of a lull in tourism. Well, tourism came to a near stop mid-August, but has thankfully started picking up again. So, that begs the question, how best to enjoy the lull in tourism? There are definitely advantages to there being fewer people on island.

Go hiking

I have recently found a new walking and hiking buddy. We go on a few early morning walks together, but have now also gone on two early morning Saturday hikes. Last weekend we hiked Kahakapao Loop Trail in the Makawao Forest. Such a beautiful hike in upcountry Maui, we thoroughly enjoyed the cooler temperatures, walking among the shady trees. We were with a small group of friends but there was hardly anyone up there.

This morning we left at 6:15 AM to drive to LaPerouse Bay (a half hour drive from my South Kihei house) for the King’s Trail hike. Parking can be an issue, but this morning there were only 3 cars in the lot. The scenery along the hike was beautiful. For me the highlight was seeing my first ever monk seal! Can you believe it, 13 years on Maui and this was the first one I’ve seen! Amazing. Hawaii’s monk seals are endangered and there are hefty fines if you are caught disturbing them. Please give them (and also turtles) a wide berth and use common sense so they continue to visit. Check out this blog for more information on Hawaii’s wildlife.

My friend and I are considering our options for next weekend: Waihee Ridge Trail, Thompson Road, Kula Botanical Gardens? Let’s see what we get up to!

Are you curious about hiking? Check out my blogs on hikes we’ve done over the years.

Spread out at the beach

If you are a beach person, get out and enjoy your favorite beaches! Beach parking should be pretty easy (though weekends will be busier as locals enjoy nature too). We walked Kaanapali beach last weekend and it was pretty empty with the exception of two groups playing beach volleyball. Enjoy.

empty Kaanapali beach with Black Rock on the West side

Check out some activities

Many businesses are hurting right now with the steep decline in tourist numbers. This is a great time to check out a snorkel cruise or a sunset sail. The Maui Ocean Center is slower (except on weekends when they offer kamaaina deals to locals, so weekdays might be best). Is ziplining on your bucket list? There are deals to be found. Go try out that bucket list restaurant that has been hard to get into! Enjoy the lull in tourism, but please tip generously.