Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Memory Lane

This month was the four-year anniversary since we bought our Kamaole Sands 2-206 condo. That calls for a trip down memory lane.

Sig loves going into real estate open houses, always looking for something new, not usually a new condo, but instead design and remodel ideas. This condo was rough. The previous owner had replaced the carpet with laminate flooring, but otherwise the condo was in its original (1980s era) condition. It was in the Castle Resorts rental pool which interestingly had it listed as an ‘upgraded condo.’ Besides the flooring, there wasn’t much upgrading.

But none of that mattered. When we walked into the living room, we looked past ‘all that’ and out the lanai doors to the oceanview. Ah yes. This was going to be the next Maui Oceanview Condo.

What we did

On closing day we contacted the building manager and asked him to notify staff to come get anything they wanted out of the condo. All the furniture, appliances and most kitchen stuff went. I love that it didn’t go directly to the landfill and could meet a need.

Then our contractor ADX Construction and their crew came in and did a full demolition. We created more space in the kitchen, pushing the cabinets out by a foot or two. On the two small bathrooms we eliminated some door frames and opened up the space as best we could, giving them as much light and airiness as possible. We replaced a few doors with barn doors and brought in all new appliances, a new water heater, and installed split A/C. In the end the only thing we kept from the previous owner was a vase with sand and shells which still sits on the living room cabinet.

vase with sand and shells, the only item remaining at Kamaole Sands 2-206 from before our purchased
the vase with sand and shells ~ the only item remaining from pre-remodel

What a change. Here are few before and after photos. Aren’t you glad we remodeled?

What is the Castle Resorts rental pool?

A group of owners at Kamaole Sands use Castle Resorts property management to rent out their condos. Castle also runs the front desk at the complex on behalf of the homeowner’s association.

What’s the scoop with renting through Castle? When you book through Castle (and other rental agencies), you are not renting a specific condo, but instead a type of condo. For instance a one bedroom oceanview condo, or a two bedroom partial oceanview condo. They then place you in whatever they have available for your dates, similar to how a hotel would do it. At a hotel it’s not a huge deal as they’re quite similar. Condos are however all individually owned and decorated. There is no consistency between condos and you could get lucky, or you could get something really original looking. Personally, I want to know exactly what I am getting.