Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Paper Garden workshops

This morning I did something on my bucket list! I attended one of the Paper Garden workshops! Paper Garden, my favorite Wailea card shop, hosts weekend workshops on their lanai. One of the workshops is a beginner watercolor class with Maui artists, father and son, Philip and Erin Sabado. I enjoyed art class way back when in high school, and while I haven’t painted or drawn outside of organized activities, it was time to use those creative juices again!

The class started at 9AM and they had a table set for about a dozen participants or so. I was there with 2 friends, and they had us seated across from one another to facilitate chatting. We had pre-ordered our breakfasts (from neighboring Akamai Coffee) which were served first while the artists spoke a little. Then it was time to flex those creative muscles!

They handed out photos for us to work from, and we traced the basic forms onto our art paper. Then they walked us through the process, step by step. Start with the lightest color, how to ‘wash’ and ‘blend’. I remembered some of it from lessons past, but other parts not. Both artists would walk around the table, giving advice, showing technique. Mimosas helped some of us loosen up a little. We were there for just over two hours ~ honestly it was just a wonderful time.

If you have the chance, book one of the Paper Garden workshops. At a minimum, check out Paper Garden’s store and also the Sabado gallery just below.

Who are the Sabados?

If you’ve stayed at our Palms at Wailea condo, you may remember the vibrant art rug in the living room. When we remodeled in 2016, I was looking to add some color as things were a little beige-looking. The Philip Sabado art rug is perfect for that spot! Hard to believe it’s still looking so great after 7 years of wear and tear!

Palms at Wailea 503
Welcome to Palms at Wailea 503! The living room with Philip Sabado art rug

Philip Sabado is a Molokai born and raised artist. He studied in California and is a prolific painter particularly of Hawaiian-themed art. I believe I heard correctly that he’s in his 80s, and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Erin Sabado is Philip’s son and also an artist in his own right. As his dad says, Erin has a keen business sense and has done the legwork for their many corporate art installations.

Father and son have two galleries, one on Main Street in Wailuku, and one just below Paper Garden and Akamai Coffee in the Wailea Village Shopping mall. Do check their stores out! They have something for every budget, from note cards, clothing and table ware to original art!