Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

How to find information on current ocean conditions

Have you ever woken up on Maui and thought, I wonder what the ocean conditions are like? What is the best place to go snorkeling this morning? Are there any decent waves? Well…. here are some ideas for you.

Check with the lifeguards

Physically checking in with the lifeguards is always a great idea – they have the knowledge and experience with Maui ocean conditions. There is an actual website that lists the conditions at SOME of Maui’s beaches, specifically the nine beaches with lifeguard stations. Check out Hawaii Beach Safety, a website maintained by the Hawaii Lifeguard Association. Do keep in mind that conditions can change frequently throughout the day.

Lifeguard station at Kamaole 1 beach0
Check Facebook surf reports

Are you on Facebook? Both Maui 24/7 and MauiNow issue a surf forecast every morning around 6AM. These Facebook pages is also a great source of information when it comes to accidents and other news happenings on Maui. MauiNow also has a website for those non-Facebook users out there.

Check in with the snorkel stores

There are several rental places for your snorkel gear, but I was just recently made aware of the Maui Snorkel Report you can sign up for. I’ve not tried this, but if you’re interested, give it a whirl.

Maui beach webcams

While the beach webcams are generally from high up and at a distance, they can at least give you an indication of wave action. It’s also just really nice to watch the ocean, especially if you can’t be there in person. Yes, these work from anywhere, even at home! What’s your favorite beach webcam?

Other information

Hawaii’s beaches are beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. We regularly hear stories of people being injured by unexpected waves, getting stuck in currents, drowning, getting hurt cliff-diving. Back in 2018 there was a string of drownings that I wrote about.

  • Please, respect the ocean. Always wait and watch the waves for 10-15 minutes before going into the water.
  • Understand your personal limits. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, you shouldn’t be snorkeling.
  • If in doubt, don’t go out. If you aren’t sure about the waves and or current, ask a life guard. Pay attention to posted signs. Be careful.

Maui County created this Ocean Safety video a number of years ago. Enjoy!