Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What to do about Beach Gear?

You’ve booked your condo, your flights, your rental car…. but what about your beach gear? Where do you get it? Do you have to buy? Can you rent?

Did you rent one of our Maui Oceanview Condos?

If you’ve rented one of our Maui Oceanview Condos, your condo comes complete with some beach gear. Each condo has 4 Tommy Bahama beach chairs, 2 boogie boards, a cooler and 4 beach towels. We know chances are great you will be wanting these items, and so we provide them. We have a few tall camping chairs available that we loan guests on request (first come first serve). We have had a few guests who can get in and out of these chairs easier as they aren’t so low.

However, we do not provide beach umbrellas. Why not? Spend time at the beach and you will notice the wind pick up. And you will likely see at least one umbrella take off and fly away, hopefully not injuring another person or going out to see. Even if people have properly anchored their umbrellas, you can regularly see them turn inside out, getting wrecked. In fact I saw two like that just yesterday at Kamaole 1 beach (it was so windy)!

What about beach gear not provided?

You may want some items for your vacation that we do not provide, or maybe you are staying at another condo (hey, that’s ok – we are so happy you found our blog! Enjoy the read!).

You can of course buy items – Costco typically carries thick beach towels, beach chairs and boogie boards, coolers and cooler bags. They also usually have goggles and snorkels and fins. ABC stores (several in Kihei/Wailea and around the island), Walmart and Target (in Kahului) typically carry the other items (umbrellas, beach toys, floaties etc).

The problem with buying things is – what do you do with them when you leave? Living on an island, our landfill options are limited. Unless you plan to take these items back home with you, please consider renting them from one of many rental places.

Here are a few popular rental places in Kihei”

If you are already renting baby equipment (crib etc), check the baby equipment rental company. Our guests regularly work with No Ka Oi baby rentals and they have a whole non-baby beach gear rental section.

Beach gear buy-back program

Today we were driving home from Kahului and passed a car advertising beach gear rental and buy-back. I googled them and here is what I found. Recycled Beach Gear might be an option for you if you’ve bought beach gear, or another option for rentals.

You may also leave – limited – items in the condo. We regularly toss out floaties, snorkels and umbrellas. Please do not leave inflatable toys, swim rings or even snorkel gear. We do not inspect, clean or sanitize beach gear. Please use it at your own risk. Should something break, please replace it. And please return all beach items to the condo SAND FREE.