Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Cycling on Maui

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Our cousin travels with his bike and likes to go cycling in the mornings. The other day I was quizzing him about his rides. He loves to ride and is in great shape. A word of caution, these are not easy rides.

Is Maui bike friendly?

Unfortunately Maui isn’t very bike friendly. Yes, there is a designated bike trail along the Veterans Highway between Hansen Road (Kahului) and North Kihei, but that’s about it. Beyond that trail, you are cycling on roads with busy locals and distracted tourists. Be careful. You don’t want to spend your Maui trip nursing a road rash or worse. Having said that, there is a cool mountain biking area in the Makawao Forest. You will need to rent mountain bikes and will need to be able to transport them there.


Our cousin brings his own bike. However, you can rent bikes of all persuasions at South Maui Bicycles across from the Cove and Kalama Park along South Kihei Road. They are also great for repairs. Krank Cycles in Makawao is also a great place to rent bikes. Check that your rental car can fit whatever you rent.

Our cousin’s favorite rides

Iao Valley – cycling from his Wailea condo through North Kihei, past the electrical plant and Maui Tropical Plantation to Iao Valley, then back through town and along the highway back to Wailea.

Makawao/Haiku loop – he did this 80 mile ride last week with a group from Kihei.

the West Maui loop (hint, always do that one clockwise so you are hugging the cliffs and not on the precipice side when it gets to one lane)

The ultimate challenge? Cycling UP Haleakala, because, I guess, why not? It’s a bit extreme, Haleakala is 10,023 feet above sea level. This year he rode it with two other guys he’d met on his other rides. Intense, but well rewarded by the views at the top of the crater! What a story to tell!

On a side note, there is an annual Cycle to the Sun competition ride up Haleakala. If you are an avid cycler, check it out!

Group rides

There are a couple group rides that go out a week. South Maui Bicycles organizes Wednesday rides, so inquire there as to those. There is also a Facebook group, 808 Maui Cycling that organizes a few rides a week. To my knowledge these are limited to more experienced cyclers.

Bike down Haleakala

There are several tours where they drive you up Haleakala to the National Park gate (around 7000 ft elevation) and you then ride down the mountain. These tours are fairly popular but dangerous especially to the unexperienced cyclers. Please note, you are riding on the road with traffic. Some of these roads have no shoulders. Be careful should you choose to bike down Haleakala.