Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Kihei food trucks 2022 update

Two years ago I wrote a blog on Kihei food trucks which regularly gets decent hits. Here is an update.

When I wrote my food truck blog two years ago, there was really one main area where food trucks hung out. This court is located behind Azeka shopping plaza on Piikea Ave (oceanside of the roundabout).

Main Kihei Food Truck Court

As of May 17th you’ll find the following food trucks there. You drive in at the ocean-side (West) entrance, come out the mountain-side (East) exit

  • Oao Sushi Go ~ my friend B tells me this is hands down THE best sushi on island. Even if it’s from a food truck. Per the website you pronounce Oao ‘WOW’. My friend had the poke bowl. Pricey, but per B the best poke bowl on Maui.
  • Vidad’s Local Kine Grindz ~ local plate-lunch style. This was my choice for lunch today. I had the Hawaiian bowl which was kalua pork, ahi poke and lomi lomi salmon over rice. It was delicious. B couldn’t resist the furikake brussel sprouts. They were amazing. As a side note – ‘local kine grindz’ means local style food, Hawaii Pidgin style 🙂
  • Da Nani Pirates ~ I had been eyeing up the pulled pork sliders, but alas they weren’t quite open for ordering when we arrived. I guess I’ll try them next time. They have 3 locations on island ~ Kihei, Lahaina and across from Costco in town.
  • Sol Brothers Southern Bbq ~ we sat next to this food truck and diners were enthusiastically complimenting the guy on how good the food is.
  • Abiki’s Carribean Flavors ~ unfortunately this place was closed when we were there. The menu looked fantastic.
  • Kraken Coffee ~ my niece’s favorite coffee. I picked up a bag of beans for her today and ordered myself a cold brew. I drink my coffee black, so I’m a little picky about taste. Yes, it was very good.

Other Kihei Food Trucks

Kalama Park Food Trucks

These are located within walking distance of Kalama Park, mainly to the south (tucked in behind the gas station and next to Kihei Marketplace.

  • Maui Grill
  • Horhitos
  • Ono Donuts
  • Farmacy Food Truck (in South Maui Gardens)

Kamaole 1 Food Trucks

  • Kinaole Grill
  • Aloha Thai
  • a shave-ice van (unsure of the name)

Do you eat at food trucks? Which is your favorite?