Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

The best donuts and malasadas on Maui

It’s Fat Tuesday ~ a day synonymous with donuts and malasadas! How is it March already?

Yesterday I had to drive to Makawao early morning. It was the perfect opportunity to stop in at Komoda’s Bakery. And since today is Fat Tuesday, and malasadas are always on my family’s mind, I picked up a box of treats! I even managed to make it a work trip by buying a few for our repeat guests who checked into our Sugar Beach condo yesterday! Ha!


I’ve mentioned Komoda’s before ~ the 100+ year old hole in the wall bakery on the corner of Makawao and Baldwin Avenue. If you happen to be in Makawao one morning, make sure you stop in. Best selection is right at 7am, they close once they sell out and are closed Wednesdays. My favorites: coconut Danish and guava malasada. My family’s favorites: stick donuts

Sugar Beach Bake Shop

The Sugar Beach Bake Shop is located in North Kihei between Ululani’s Shave Ice and the ABC store. It is owned by the same people who own Ululani’s. Their store and bakery were damaged in December 2021’s Kona Storm, but they have recently reopened. Their malasadas (and other baking) are delicious and you will always find long lineups here. Skip the line and order online.


Donut Dynamite

Confession, I have not actually been to Donut Dynamite’s storefront location. However, when I was working at the doctor’s office, we had a patient who would regularly treat us to these donuts. Oh My Goodness, they are funky and delicious. Donut Dynamite is located in Wailuku. They have a number of other treats, including malasadas. According to their website, at this time they are pre-order only.

Maui Ono Donuts

Maui Ono Donuts is a food truck located at Kukui Mall (this is where you find Kihei’s Regency movie theater, Sansei, Starbucks, Stewz Burgers etc). Again I was introduced to these donuts by a patient. They also have gluten-free donuts! According to their website, they try to be environmentally conscious and are big into recycling. You can pre-order or walk-up to their donut truck.

Home Maid Bakery and Cafe

I’ve written about the Home Maid Cafe many times ~ this is usually our family’s go-to place for birthday and special event malasadas. Located in Azeka (by the Kihei Post Office, Nalus and Ace) they serve up malasadas between 6 and 10am (or until they run out, closed Sundays). They make them fresh while you wait. They also serve local style breakfast and lunches. They serve up two kinds – either covered in sugar or custard-filled.

Their parent store, the Home Maid Bakery in Wailuku, has a store front with local-style baked goods baked on site, including malasadas.

The Bakery in Lahaina

Over the years I’ve heard much about The Bakery, but I’ve never made it there. Apparently another ‘hole in the wall’ location (which seems to be common for Maui bakeries) with excellent European-style baking. They are open Tues-Sat, 6-11:30AM, so plan your day accordingly.