Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

What to do on check-out day

Oh check-out day. When planning a vacation, most of us don’t plan for check-out day. What time is check-out (11AM)? When does our flight leave on the last day? What are we doing in between? If we don’t plan for it, that last day can be a bit of a downer (and not just because we’re heading back home and to reality).

Though flight schedules have changed since Covid, there are still a fair number of red-eye flights leaving Maui between 9 and 11pm.

Standard condo check-out time is at 11am, and most days our cleaning and sometimes maintenance staff is scheduled to arrive at 11am to prepare the condo for the next guest.

So what do you do about that ‘magical’ 10-12 hour window where you are ‘homeless’ with no place to put your luggage? Maybe you are lucky enough to have a rental car with a large trunk, then your luggage is at least not visible to the casual observer (doubtful if you have a convertible and definitely not if you have a jeep). Generally it is not a good idea to keep any valuables in your car though. It just seems to be asking for trouble.

Is there a place you can store your luggage? Not really. I have read on Tripadvisor forums about people wanting to rent a locker at a self-storage place for the day, but I don’t know if anyone has actually done it or how it worked. You can’t leave it at the condo as there is often another guest checking in that afternoon. The front desk on property does not have storage facilities (nor insurance) to hold onto guests’ luggage. Kahului Airport does not have a storage facility, though you may be able to check your luggage early.

Rent the extra night

The best bet (and this is what we always did prior to moving to Maui) is to rent the condo for an extra night. So if your flight leaves Monday night, book the condo til Tuesday. Yes, I get it, it’s an extra cost. But look at the benefits:

  • you can enjoy your last day and can pack up closer to your flight time
  • no problems storing your luggage (it’s at the condo)
  • no need to wear mainland clothes until it’s actually time to go to the airport
  • you can shower after a day at the beach or of activities, feeling refreshed and non-cranky prior to heading to the airport
  • a quiet place to rest (especially great with little kids)

Can you book that extra night at half price since you’re not staying overnight? Unfortunately no. Our cleaners don’t do night cleans, so they won’t be able to clean until the next morning.

Last day suggestions

What are some trip ideas for those who don’t book an extra night? Well, some guests go for an upcountry drive, up Haleakala (bonus, it’s cooler up there, so those mainland clothes won’t feel so hot). You could spend a few hours at the Maui Ocean Center (bonus, it’s air-conditioned). Even if you’ve checked out, you can still use the condo’s pool (and the public/guest-use bathrooms) for the rest of the day. 

What do you do on your last day? I’d love to hear!