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Maui Safety

One of the newsy Facebook groups (Maui 24/7) posted this Safety Advisory for visitors yesterday and I thought it helpful. So here goes.

A message to all our Maui visitors:

Aloha and Welcome to Maui! We want to thank you for choosing Maui as your vacation destination. And as we would do with our family members visiting us here on Maui for the first time or for those re-visiting us, we would like to give you a few tips to keep your vacation enjoyable and filled with positive memories.

First, do not leave any expensive and/or irreplaceable items in your vehicle while out enjoying our island. Only take what you need and keep the rest of your valuables secured within your hotel or vacation rental. Although this is paradise, we are not immune to crimes of opportunities. Vehicle break-ins and theft of vehicles do occur in Maui. The following areas are beautiful to visit and offer magnificent picture opportunities, but they are located in isolated parts of Maui and present an opportunity for criminals. These areas are:

  • Olivine Pools
  • Nakalele Blowhole
  • Venus Pools
  • Twin Falls
  • Honolua Bay
  • La Perouse Bay
  • Makena Big Beach
nearly sunset at the beach

Second, while our beaches are beautiful with white sand and warm blue waters, they can also be very dangerous due to high surf and strong currents. It is best to swim at beach parks that have County of Maui Lifeguards on duty. If there is ever an emergency, time is of the essence, and minutes matter. And remember, “when in doubt, don’t go out.”

Lastly, the Road to Hana is a beautiful drive with many waterfalls and sights to see along the roadside. Please be careful if you are planning to drive around the Kipahulu/Kaupo side of the island of Maui. There is an area that is only accessible by vehicles with higher ground clearance. Also, please be aware that the State of Hawaii has placed new ‘No Parking’ signs along the Hana Highway. They have also implemented another $200.00 surcharge on top of the $35.00 parking violation citation. Please park and only stop in areas with designated marked parking stalls.

Once again, mahalo for choosing Maui to be your vacation destination. Enjoy your time here, and most of all, be safe while vacationing in paradise.

~ The Maui Police Department Ohana.

Do you have any safety tips?

How about you? Do you have any additional safety tips? Mine is to remember to wear protect our reefs and your skin! Wear reef safe sunscreen or cover up!