Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

The return of the Blue Door Bread Company

A few years ago I found the Blue Door Bread Company here in Kihei. I love bread and was thrilled to find fresh locally made sourdough bread right here, a short drive away. Unfortunately they closed a while later.

Just a few months ago as I was driving by their former location I saw the sign (anyone else have that song stuck in their head now?) – the Blue Door Bread Company is back! Not only are they selling fresh sourdough bread both at their location and at Hawaiian Moons, they have branched out to sourdough pizza!

I’ve checked out their bread rack at local natural foods store Hawaiian Moons, but by late afternoon the rack is usually empty. This morning I was driving by their bakery location and stopped for a quick look. The look turned into buying…. Today’s finds were a rosemary sourdough loaf (I love all things rosemary) and a seeded honey wheat loaf. Oh yum. At home I sliced both and will put some in the freezer. Perhaps I should have just gotten one loaf for the sake of freshness….

Blue Door’s rosemary bread made an appearance on my lunch plate today, together with some fresh tomatoes and parsley I picked up at the Wailea Village Market this morning.

Where is the Blue Door Bread Company?

The bakery is located on the property of South Maui Gardens, just off South Kihei Road behind the Island Surf Building, across from The Cove, just down the street from Kalama Park and shopping area. When open, they have their Blue Door Bread Company sign set out at the street. You can’t miss it. As of a few months ago Farmacy Health Bar have a food truck on site as well. The owner of Blue Door was telling me a coffee shop and several other food trucks will be opening soon, making this a fun eating venue.

Blue Door street view – follow the sign – the bakery is in the building on the left