Blog: A taste of what you may find on Maui

Thinking of moving to Maui?

Liza Pierce, one of the social media gurus here on Maui, wrote the following article on her popular ‘A Maui Blog’ yesterday: Living on Maui – the Ups and Downs.

Ups and Downs? Sure there are. People move to Maui all the time. Many of those we met and befriended in our first few years here on Maui are no longer here. Job transfers, distance from friends and family (loneliness), lack of affordable housing, the education system, better opportunities… To be fair, many of these are things that may cause you to move no matter where you live.

If you want to move to this amazing island chain in the middle of nowhere (literally, the most remote populated island chain in the middle of the Pacific), let me encourage you to do your research. Many move here and stay. Research and soul-searching will prepare you to make the best decision for you and your family!

Check out Liza’s blog 🙂